Cosmid Samantha | Video + Photo Pack |

Cosmid Samantha | Video + Photo Pack |

Description : Collection photo and Video of Samantha Model From Website .

Say hello to Samantha, she is from Delaware and is one really cute girl… Obviously, I deal with girls a lot, and some of them just ooze sexuality… she is one of them.. She is not ourtright sexy, like she doesnt talk dirty, or act dirty, but it is in her eyes, I can just tell that there is a sexual dynamo down there somewhere.
She has a little junk in her trunk, (which I love) and a nice natural pair of boobs on her. She is trying to get into modeling, hopefully it works out for her, but I have a feeling that we could see a lot more of her if we want to. I am hoping that she would be into doing some other “things” : ) Be sure to let me know what you think about her…

Website :
Model : Samantha
Categorie : teen, softcore, teasing, Internet Model, Non nude , Brune

Number of Video : 5
Total of Photos : 60
Total Size : 229 Mb

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