Der Fluch der schwarzen Schwestern | lesbian vampire

Der Fluch der schwarzen Schwestern | lesbian vampire

Description : The Devil’s Plaything (German: Der Fluch der schwarzen Schwestern) is a 1973 Swedish / Swiss / German horror film directed by Joseph W. Sarno. The film, in its uncut version, features more suggestively sexual scenes

Storyline :
Five teenagers playing with a Ouija Board are led to a sacred binding place for the malevolent demon Asmodeus who, five years prior, possessed a young girl, forcing her to murder her own sister. Now the demon seeks its freedom, and is bent on murdering the exorcist who imprisoned it — by using the body of the priest’s own niece!

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Actor :

Nadia Henkowa as Wanda
Anke Syring as Julia Malenkow
Marie Forså as Helga
Nico Wolf as Peter Malenkow
Ulrike Butz as Monika
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